ECOBoard Europe B.V. has been awarded several times by institutions for their innovative products that support the Ecological Lifestyle!

Our Past Projects

HeijplaatICDUBO Seminar: Green CoalitionTuesday 28th of May ICDUBO will host a seminar about the future of ICDUBO and the cooperation with their partners. ECOBoards will be there to see what the new plans are and how we can perticipate in the new future of the biobased world.

17Simply a boxA seemingly simple box, and therefore timeless. But with a negative carbon footprint thanks to Ecoboard

Material_xperienceFind Ecoboards at Material Xperience 2014Once again, our product can be found at the Maiburg stand, at the Material Xperience 2014.The Material Xperience is an annual event that introduces architects and other creative professionals to cutting edge construction materials. The theme of this year’s edition is The Smart Environment. It is hosted at the Rotterdam Ahoy, on January 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. Be sure to check out stand #91 and 92!

timthumbCongress Circular EconomyAn inspiring, visionary conference where professionals from the construction and industry meet. During this FREE Sustainable Built Congress will you be briefed in one day on the economy of tomorrow: The Circular Economy. And most of you will get an answer to questions like: How can my organization and participate in this benefit? What is my role in this new way of working and earning money  in the construction and estate?

International_conference2International conference Natureplus and CAP’EMThe first day (natureplus program) will have simultaneous translation in EN-DE-FR-NL.Subject: How do I work as an architect, specifier or government with labeled natural construction products.The second day (LCA & scientific program) will be in English.Subject: How to use LCAs and some specific problems of LCAs 

Festiaval_wateringenFestival Wageningen Lokale SchoonheidSunday 26th of May Stichting Lokale Schoonheid will host a festival about lifestyle of the future. On this day you can experience for yourself  how an open, sustainable and equitable society is.Tickets: 4 euro, childeren free entrance.

lavitalLavitalA unique cinematic experience in your bedroom: provided by the ‘Anemoon, Eco Chic Multimediabed by Kolenik’, is the result of collaboration between Kolenik and Lavital. “The Millionaire Fair is the place to show our flagship models” – Patricia Kemp. The ‘Anemoon’ consists out of a Samsung 32-inch integrated BeoVision-television.✓ For the perfect surround sound the BeoLab 11 was chosen✓ Tulip-shaped subwoofer and four speakers actively controlled✓ In addition, the bed is provided with an Apple TV 

Premium ECOBoards

  • Four beautiful and clean designs to choose from
  • Use each set with either 1-4 items per column
  • Use font awesome icons or your own image icons with each style
  • Easily specify the icon color, circle color and circle border color
  • Specify the background color for the icon-boxed style
  • Custom link per item, custom link target, or remove the “Learn More” link