High Strength, Lighter Weight

The excellent strength to weight ratio of the ECOBoard panels eases handling on the construction site. ECOBoards were benchmarked against wood-based particleboard in terms of strength and specification and can be cross referenced to any international particleboard standard. ECOBoards can replace plywood, chipboard, OSB, multiplex and conventional fibreboards (including MDF, hard-board and soft-board) for a wide range of applications.

  •  BSEN 312 P4 to P1
  • ANSI A208.1
  • NEN, etc

Screw Tightness & Machineable

ECOBoards have a tenacious screw holding ability that adds to the choice of fitments that can be used.


ECOBoards are made in a single layer process giving homogenous consistency throughout its thickness, similar to MDF. Its superior internal bond (cross tensile) allows smooth strong profiling and sharp machined edges.