Furniture and Interior Decoration Industry

ECOBoards can be used in virtually all applications where conventional boards are used. Their excellent strength to weight ratio, along with their tenacious screw holding ability adds flexibility to the choice of fitment hardware that can be used (hinges, brackets, screw types etc.

For applications in buildings

The single homogeneous layer allows smooth strong profiling and sharp machined edges lamination. When sanded to a suitable finish, ECOBoards easily accept paper and foil laminates, melamine, formica and natural wood veneers. Painting after priming gives excellent results.

ECOBoards have emissions far below the strict E0 European low formaldehyde (LF) standard, USA (HUD 24) and Japan F*** design.

Therefore they are suitable for use in environmentally sensitive areas such as nurseries, schools, hospitals, public buildings, laboratories, museums and any domestic applications where the end-user has concern for their living environment.

Examples are:

  • kitchen & bathroom
  • skirting boards
  • mouldings
  • wall cladding
  • shelving and flooring.